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US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit

US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit
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US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit

Neuheit 2017

This large-scale Big Tank Series R/C model assembly kit recreates the formidable modern U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams.

The Abrams has been around since the early 1980s, with constant upgrades to ensure that it stays at the cutting edge of military technology. M1A2s were introduced from 1992, developed to be chock-full of front-line technology and bring the M1 into the digital age. They featured depleted uranium armor, a modified commander’s cupola and more, and saw action in the conflict in Iraq in 2003.

#53447 Battle System (Available Separately)

This system incorporates infrared light and realistic sound, eliminating the difficulty in judging, often found with other tank-to-tank games. Furthermore, infrared light is totally harmless and prevents damage to details of the tank body. The system is comprised of the GFS (Gun Fire Simulator) Unit and the Infrared LED Unit, for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams. A wide range of sound effects and actions are reproduced...

US M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit

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